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When a patient is admitted, the environment in which they stay during treatment or recovery is as important as the medical care they receive. A patient’s recovery benefits from a calm and quiet environment and a high degree of comfort that can ease their pain and anxiety.

The Women Hospital’s experienced and sensitivity-trained staff is committed to making patients feel at home by taking care of all their needs and providing a relaxing environment enabling patients to focus on getting well.

A variety of rooms are available for patient convenience from standard and semi-luxury to luxury rooms suited to patient needs and budget. Available room types are Grand Suite, Grand Deluxe, Deluxe single rooms and Standard rooms. Grand suite (Luxury) rooms come with an extended list of amenities such as:

  • plush furnishings.
  • hi-definition satellite TV.
  • fully furnished conversation area.
  • additional bed for care giver and kitchenette.

Grand deluxe and deluxe rooms (semi-luxury rooms differing in floor space) feature appropriate furnishings for a comfortable stay along with satellite TV.
Single and Standard rooms offer a pleasant atmosphere with comfortable furnishings and include satellite TV. The rooms are maintained to high standards of hygiene and orderliness by trained housekeeping staff. Additional services such as concierge services and receiving of mail packages and flowers are also facilitated for patients. Free wi-fi can be accessed by all patients with the password obtained through Admissions.
Meals are prepared by F&B (Food and Beverage) department Chefs who are committed to serving healthy and tasty meals around the clock. Meals are designed on close consultation with resident nutritionists from our Dietitian Clinic. Food is prepared without additives or artificial flavouring. A la carte menu is available on request. Patients can consult Dietitians regarding any dietary concerns they may have.

Accommodation's Types

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